About Mobilitetscenter

Mobilitetscenter in Gothenburg performs assessments of medical fitness to drive as well as assessments of physical disabilities and need of vehicle adaptation. Mobilitetscenter performs 500- 600 assessments yearly, two thirds of these being assessments of fitness to drive. The patients being referred for these assessments have cognitive deficits, mostly due to stroke, dementia and other diagnoses that might affect the ability to drive safely. The assessments also includes potential learner drivers with congenital disabilities and medical conditions such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders and physical disabilities.

The assessment of fitness to drive is based on the medical requirements stated by the licensing authority. The assessment at Mobilitetscenter involves an off-road assessment with cognitive tests that measures abilities that are important for driving, such as attention, concentration and processing speed. The off-road assessment is complemented by an on-road assessment for patients with a valid driver´s license. An occupational therapist conducts the on-road assessment together with a driving instructor on a specific designed route to observe the patient´s driving behavior.

Assessment of physical disabilities and the individual´s need for vehicle adaptation is performed using the equipment at Mobilitetscenter and the experience of the staff at Mobilitetscenter. The occupational therapists at Mobilitetscenter has many years of experience from rehabilitation settings of spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities as well as habilitation of children.

Mobilitetscenter is an independent company financed by the services and assessments performed at the center. Mobilitetscenter is owned by a cooperation of organisations of persons with disabilities.